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About Dr. Sonia Rich-Mazzeo, DNP, APRN

Doctor in Nursing Practice and Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in Reno/Sparks, Nevada.

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Dr. Sonia Rich-Mazzeo, DNP, APRN, is a doctor in nursing practice and a board-certified family nurse practitioner. She provides compassionate and effective care to patients at Alma Clinic in Sparks, Nevada, her family medical practice, and offers long-lasting natural health solutions to practice members at Alma Vida. 

Dr. Rich-Mazzeo was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was born into an Argentinian family. She is bilingual and bi-cultural. Sonia had her first experience in the healthcare field at 12 when she volunteered at her neighborhood's public hospital.

Dr. Rich-Mazzeo moved to New Jersey after finishing high school and graduated summa cum laude with a major in history and honors in humanities. Eventually, she gravitated back to the healthcare field. She became an emergency medical technician, a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner, and finally a doctor in nursing practice. "Helping people is my calling," says Sonia. 

Dr. Rich-Mazzeo treats people of all ages and has a diverse background in the healthcare field. She has experience in emergency medicine, hospice, corrections, internal medicine, occupational health, and family medicine. 

She spearheaded the creation of Coastal Volunteers in Medicine, a non-profit community healthcare clinic in New Jersey, of which she is currently a board member. She also founded Alma Clinic, a family medical practice in Sparks, Nevada. And in 2023, she opened Alma Vida to offer long-lasting health solutions .

Dr. Rich-Mazzeo looks forward to helping new and existing patients and practice members online and in person.